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Services for Intellectually Disabled, Habilitation, or Brain Injury in Iowa

HCBS Hab Waiver Services allow the State to furnish services to individuals with disabilities that allow these Members to live in the community and avoid institutionalization.

HCBS eligible persons are working to their highest degree of independence possible.

Intellectually Disabled (ID):
 ID Services provide funding and individualized supports to assist members in living in their homes and get out into their communities.

  • Respite is a service that provides families with a temporary break. Respite is a flexible service that allows time for parents to spend time together or with their other children. Respite staff provides social opportunities for members by providing them with support needed to participate in activities that would otherwise be difficult.
  • Supported Community Living (SCL) services focus on individualized goals. The goals are created by the team to increase a member’s independence over time.
  • Interim Medical Monitoring and Treatment (IMMT)provides medical assistance and monitoring as needed on a regular or emergency basis.

Habilitation (Hab):
 Hab Services provide Home and Community Services (HCBS) for Iowans. These members typically have impairments associated with chronic mental illnesses. Habilitation Services assist members in gaining and maintaining independence and socialization skills needed to be successful in home and community settings.

  • Day Habilitation is a provided through day programs outside of the member’s home. Here members focus on multiple skills including but not limited to social, communication, and behavior skills.
  • Home-Based Habilitation services are provided in the person’s home and in the community. Members receive assistance with medication management, budgeting, personal hygiene, and grocery shopping to name a few.

Brain Injury (BI):

  • Supported Community Living (SCL) services focus on individualized goals for those with brain injuries. The goals are created by the team to increase a member’s independence over time.
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