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Our Hourly Care Services

Homecare Options is a provider of Respite and Hourly Supported Community Living (SCL). Homecare Options staff is trained to work with members around their specific needs. Many families come to Homecare Options with an idea of who they would like to provide Respite or Hourly SCL for their loved one. Many times Homecare Options will hire the individual requested by the family and then train the individual based on state and Homecare Options policy and procedure. Should the approved member need a direct care provider, Homecare Options will work to find a respectable match.

Respite services are designed to give parents/regular caregivers a break from caring for their loved one. Our trained staff assists the member in personal cares and areas including socialization and communication. Staff also ensures the individual’s basic needs are met while monitoring the individual for safety.

Hourly Supported Community Living (SCL) services are based around measurable goals. We strive to assist member in achieving a higher level of independence. Many of these goals with current members are community based, allowing them to spend quality time with their direct care staff in the community socializing and having fun while learning.

Group Home Living

“Home is Where the Heart is”

Homecare Options, Inc. employs trained staff to work in three group homes in Carroll, Iowa.

The adult members who live in these homes are working on goals to become more independent. Staff provides care, assistance, supervision, and socialization to individuals in their home and in the community. The level of need varies from member to member and is reflected in each member’s individualized care plan.

Members are active in their community with personal and house shopping. Many current members enjoy taking the taxi to places such as the library, pool, nail, and hair salon. A calendar of area activities is present in all of the houses which give members and staff options and ideas of things to do. Staff regularly takes individuals and groups to local restaurants, plays, musicals, sporting events, and holiday gatherings to name a few. Every summer Homecare Options will aim to continue making larger outings available such as the Des Moines Zoo, Adventureland, and Iowa State Fair.

At Homecare Options we pride our agency in remaining small. As it is a family owned business, Homecare Options knows the importance of hiring and training quality staff to work with members and their families.

Day Hab

Homecare Options’ latest addition is our Day Habilitation program located in downtown Carroll!

This community integrated program focuses on multiple skills including but not limited to social, communication, and behavior skills. We are working with local businesses to volunteer in helping with meaningful tasks. We have contacted the local library, schools, and nursing homes to gain ideas. We will work with our community in order to hire educators and entertainment from out of town on the same days to offer variety to our members.

If you have any suggestions or volunteer ideas that our Day Hab could possibly help with contact Randy Huegerich at 712-792-0032! We are always open to looking into new ideas!

Private Care

“Home is Where the Heart is”

Serving the Carroll area for over 20 years, Homecare Options provides private home health services. These services include but are not limited to: medication monitoring, light housekeeping, meal preparation, socialization, personal cares, grocery shopping, and attending appointments.

Homecare Options provides a free consultation visit from our onsite nurse. During this visit the nurse will assess the member’s needs. From this visit, we will gain a better idea of a direct care provider who may be most suitable to you!

These services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! (Services are limited to a minimum of one hour per visit.)

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